I graduated from the College of Hospitality and Tourism in Podebrady, where I focused on the field of hospitality management and tourism services. During my studies I received the permission to perform the services of a tourist guide, so I am happy to advise you where to go on a trip, vacation or a corporate event.

ethic_managerAfter graduating, I graduated from the University of Business in Prague with a focus on tourism. During the study I have completed the course of Diversity Management, which focuses on the specifics of the clients of different nationalities and their behavior. If you are preparing for negotiations with foreign clients, do not hesitate to contact me. Given that I completed a course of Ethics Management, I can advise you how to behave properly.

zertifikat-deutschI was always interested in studying foreign languages. At high school, I attended German and English classes. At the College, I added the basics of Spanish and when I was working in the Chamber of Deputies, I have started to learn French. To officially confirm my language skills, I passed the exams and received Zertifikat Deutsch in German and PET (Preliminary English Test) and then FCE (First Certificate in English) in English.

In 2016, I have focused on self-education in IT. I graduated from a HTML / CSS course organized by Czechitas, a nonprofit organization, whose goal is to educate and inspire girls and women in the IT world and build a community of girls interested in IT. I am so excited about this field so I would like to deepen my knowledge of programming in these languages. That is what I am focusing on now.

Perhaps you are thinking that a girl from the hotel school does not know much about accounting. Then you might have a bit of truth, but concerning organization and organization of various activities I’m a professional 🙂